"I'm going with the Heat!" - Champ

The whole world has been NBA crazy these past few weeks. Even my Mom tweets about Lebron's hairline and Harden's beard! The Finals series is in full swing with the Miami Heat needing just one more win to be crowned kings of the basketball world. The Oklahoma City Thunder has history working against them as no team has come back from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals since the league started using the 2-3-2 format.

Let's see if our OPM artists are also into the NBA Finals frenzy. We got to ask Champ Lui Pio which team he predicts will become... well... champs! "I'm going with the Heat simply because they have more experience and LBJ is showing up in (the) 4th", says Champ in our text conversation. "But it should be a close one" , the singer added.

        (Champ and Rico Blanco at the MYX 3on3 games)

We have seen Champ's hard court skills on the ongoing MYX 3on3 Tournament as a member of the Green team. And man, this guy can play ball! But can he forecast the outcome of the Finals as well as he can shoot hoops and block shots? Let's find out. 

Kayo, sinong hula ninyo

Tell us, which team do you want to be bring home the Larry O'Brien trophy in the NBA? And which team are you rooting for on the MYX 3on3 tourney? Share your thoughts on the comment box below. 



  • esmee

    posted 4 years ago

    elow sir champ ! kamuka mo po tlga yung boyfriend ko and magkaboses kau :)

  • StephanieGequeStyles

    posted 5 years ago