Jayesslee: "K-Pop Is Taking Over The World"

Armed with their soulful voices and charming personalities, 24-year old twin sisters Sonia and Janice Lee, more known as JAYESLEE, visit the Philippines to show us what they've got!

MYX Philippines is fortunate to have been granted access to the YouTube sensation's press conference/meet and greet, in which we got to ask them several questions including their views on K-Pop!

2NE1, Bigbang, Super Junior, Girls' Generation fans! Hear what they have to say!

"K-Pop is taking over the world. It really is," said the sweet singer, Sonia Lee, when the duo was asked about their thoughts on K-Pop.

She added, "The music is catchy and we enjoy watching K-Pop and listen to K-Pop as well. And a lot of our fans request a lot of K-Pop covers. It's a little bit tricky for us because our first language is english. As much as we love it, i guess we're more of an acoustic solo sound. We'd like to take K-Pop covers and turn them into an acoustic sound like we did with "Nobody by "The Wonder Girls."

Janice Lee seemed to save the other half when Sonia became speechless, "Because we don't know what the songs mean, we just listen to whatever's catchy and we necessarily don't have a favorite artist but we have found ourselves covering a lot of Wonders Girls, 2NE1 [and] Miss A.Whatever's easy that would not take us more than two days."

Click to listen to our MYXCLUSIVE footage of Jayesslee's press conference:

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  • kayemin04

    posted 5 years ago

    because K-pop is just awesome and no non-kpop fan can understand. :)