Jayesslee, Not Brave Enough To Eat BALOT?

If there's one Filipino delicacy that we would want our favorite international artists to try.. then it surely is the famous BALOT!

MYX Philippines was fortunate to have been granted access to the YouTube sensation's press conference/meet and greet, in which we got to ask them several questions.

The Jayesslee duo, 24-year old twin sisters Sonia and Janice  Lee, mentioned that they did a question and answer and a lot of Filipinos suggested them to eat BALOT! Janice says, "I did a question and answer on Twitter and a lot of our Filipino fans [mentioned Balot]... that was the hot topic of the whole hour and every one was saying "balot, balot, balot". And I didn't know what it was so I google-d it and saw the image and I was like "do these love us or hate us?" which brought laughter to the crowd.

Sonia answered, "We heard that it's very, very delicious." adding "But if.. yeah.. maybe if we're brave enough."

Watch the video and comment below!