Go Skateboarding Day: A Huge Success!

June 23, 2012 was all about gnarly skateboarding and cool sneakers! Thrashers from all over the country had the time of their lives at they celebrated Go Skateboarding Day.


For one whole day, the World Trade Center Hall D was one giant skate park. Premiere Pinoy skater boys and skater girls showcased their skills on their decks during the skate competition. 


Skateboarding was definitely NOT a crime as the crowd was rewarded awesome prizes, food and freebies.

Rocking music was provided by Miguel Escueta, Save Me Hollywood, Runway Crimes, The Butchercons, Franco and Kamikazee.


Go Skateboarding Day is celebrated by skateboard enthusiasts all around the world. It gives them the chance to just drop everything, get on a skateboard and do what they love to do. We can't wait until next year!



  • bhea_tot

    posted 5 years ago

    rooooock and rooooooooool !!!!!!!