One Direction's Harry Styles, Dated A 32-Year Old Married DJ?

Reports say that the 18-year-old singer tried to win the married broadcaster, 32, after One Direction appeared on the Key 103 radio show in Manchester in August last year, according to The Sunday Mirror.

Photo from Lucy Horobin's Twitter account

A friend of Lucy's told the paper: 'She knows she shouldn't admit it but said the sex was amazing.'

'He knew exactly what he was doing despite the fact he was only 17.'

'He's adorable and Lucy had a lot of fun. But it was never anything serious. It was a mistake.'

A source close to Harry said: 'Lucy was right up his street, exactly the type of girl, or woman, should I say, he is attracted to. She's sexy confident and is doing well in her career. But he never wanted anything serious.'

Their relationship lasted just three months before it fizzled out in October and Lucy realised she wanted to try and make things work with her husband. 

The source also told the paper: 'She wanted to make a real go of her marriage and decided the only way to do that was to confess about Harry. She was terrified of admitting what she had done.'

'Although she believes she was separated from her husband at the time, she knew he would hate it. But she knew it was the only way of moving forward.'

One Directioners, what can you say about this? Is this true or the girl just wants attention?



  • Alecs_13

    posted 5 years ago

    that girl is too old for him harry should find a girl that matches his age,,

  • Sophia V.09

    posted 5 years ago

    The Girl just want attention that's not true HARRY is not like that... go directioners go!!!!

  • Ara Directioner (1D is #1)

    posted 5 years ago

    hindi yan 22o,,,gaman cla na 32 years old ang babae tapos 18 years old na lalaki ,,,common sense naman,,ang dapat kay harry ay teenage girl kagaya natin kalimutan nyo na iyang babae na yan pampasira lang sya ng buhay natin

  • ambikacuevas

    posted 5 years ago

    erm, ask harry :D

  • directioneronemyx

    posted 5 years ago

    Not true! :)

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