Rico Blanco, Only OPM Artist To Appear On iTunes Storefront & Top Songs, "Amats" Debuts At No.4!

July 27 was truly a great day, not just for all the music enthusiasts, but most especially for Rico Blanco as he headlined the iTunes Store launch in the Philippines and in 11 other Asian countries today.  

Rico Blanco is the only OPM artist to appear on the iTunes storefront and in the Top Songs Chart debuting at #4 with the rest of the other international names. This is a remarkably first as well as for a local artist to release a single and full album simultaneously and coinciding with the revolutionary launch of the iTunes Store in the Philippines and Asia.

Apple has just announced that the iTunes Store is now available in the Philippines as well as in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, meaning everyone can now choose from over 20 million songs available, legally purchase and download music on  iTunes. 

BlancoÆs single ôAmatsö is filed under New Releases and iTunes Top Tens and can now be purchased for $0.99.  Next week will be another milestone for Rico as his much-anticipated new album ôGalactik Fiestamatikö will become available in full with an additional exclusive track only for iTunes.

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