Maria Aragon Releases First Original Single "You Are Enough" After Lady Gaga Hit Cover!

If there's one person who perfectly defines the term "small but terrible", then it's undeniably no other than 11-year old Maria Aragon!

The Filipino-Canadian singer truly became a singing sensation after proving the YouTube world that size doesn't matter when she did her rendition of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" back in 2011. The video of her singing while playing the piano garnered over 52 million views and is still going up in numbers. She also got invited to perform with THE Lady Gaga at the Monster Ball concert in Toronto.

So now, YouTube sensation is finally here to send the message that "YOU ARE ENOUGH" with her first ever original song!

"I wanted to write the song as an anthem for people who kinda underestimate theirselves and it's kinda reassuring them that you shouldn't think of yourself as little and that you should be proud of yourself," Maria shares in an interview with Winnipeg Free Press.

Click to watch the video of Maria Aragon when she first heard her single:

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