U2 Bassists's Assistant Stole Millions Of Euros To Buy Herself Horses!

(File photo courtesy of Reuters/Thierry Roge)

An Irish jury has found a former aide of U2 bassist Adam Clayton guilty of theft after she spent 2.8 million euros, or 3.6 million in dollars, of the musician's savings in a four-year period. 

Carol Hawkins was hired by Clayton to take care of chores in his home near Dublin. Hawkins stole from two of Clayton's bank accounts from 2004 until 2008, and has spent on thoroughbred horses and stables. She claims the U2 member knew about this but Clayton and his attorney denied this on court.
Hawkins was granted bail and her sentencing was set to July 6.


Check out the video below for U2's 1992 single "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses" courtesy of YouTube. Don't you think the song's fit for the situation?



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