VJ Chino Has The Best Back-To-School Gadget Find For You!


Hey guys! ItÆs VJ Chino here! ItÆs back to school time and I know itÆs hard to let go of summer. We may get back to studying and working on assignments and exams but who says you canÆt enjoy school work? 

As a MYX VJ, weÆre always surrounded with music. Even though things can get busy, things are much fun listening and getting in tune with the latest in music. Same with you! All you need to do is chill in your favorite hangout place and pop in your favorite songs on a music player that can do not only music, but a whole lot more! 

ThatÆs why the perfect gadget for your is the Samsung Galaxy Player! It has all the goods to make your everyday experience more fun and exciting with all its awesome features. IÆll list it all down for you: 

1. Android! With its Android Gingerbread 2.3 OS, it means you can also enjoy all the cool apps any Android device has to offer! You can play cool games and even productivity apps that can help you through school. 

2. Free Games! Speaking of games, only the Samsung Galaxy Player has FREE EA Games you can enjoy. Plus it has full gyroscope features that makes gameplay more exciting. 

3. WiFi! You can research on the go and surf all you want because itÆs WiFi capable. Hangout at a hotspot and youÆre good to go! 

4. 60 hours of battery life! Yes, 60 hours! You can have your Samsung Galaxy Player play thousands of music for days with its 8 GB built-in memory and expandable up to 32 GB! 

5. Dual Front and Side Speakers Share your awesome playlist with your friends with the Galaxy PlayerÆs dual front side speakers so you can start the party anytime and anywhere. 

6. Affordable! At just 9,990 pesos, youÆll get all these and more in just one device! It will only take you a few weeks of baon, but I tell you itÆs super worth it. 

Start your school year right and make the entire year a fun one with your very own Samsung Galaxy Player! I enjoy mine so youÆre sure youÆll enjoy yours too! Get one in your nearest Samsung store and BOOK IT!

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