MYX 3on3 features Green vs Yellow TONIGHT @ 6!


Hello all you sports and music fans! We are in for another night of OPM mayhem and basketball madness as the MYX 3on3 tournament continues. The Yellow team and the Green team face off on this week's featured game.

YELLOW: Tutti Caringal (6cyclemind)          GREEN: Champ Lui Pio
Lem Belaro (Callalily)       Monty Macalino (Mayonnaise) 
Young JV       Diego Castillo (Sandwich) Mong Alcaraz (Chicosci/Sandwich)          Francis Victa (NeverTheStrangers)          
Watch your favorite local music idols showcase their athletic skills. It's a one-of-a-kind sporting event you would not want to miss. Catch all the hard court action on the MYX channel airing TONIGHT at 6!

We wondered what our musician players do to prepare for the intense hoop action. Some of them shoot some baskets to get their grooves on. Others do stretching exercises to loosen up those stiff muscles. One player had quite a different pre-game ritual. Check out what Monty Macalino of the Green team does to boost his energy right before the games. Click the video.

Mayonnaise recorded the song "Sabay Tayo" for the ABS-CBN's Biggest Loser: Pinoy Edition. Watch the music video below.


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