2NE1's Dara Shed Tears When She Had To Shave Her Head!

According to, Dara revealed that she cried as she shaved her hair for her new 2NE1 look!

During an interview held at YG Entertainmentæs headquarters, Dara stated ôWhen I was getting my head shaved, the feeling of sorrow just crept up and I started tearingà I just did it without thinking through it for we decided that a new transformation was needed while in the midst of rehearsing. It was my first time getting my head shaved and I thought to myself that maybe this is how men who shave their heads to go off to the military feel.ö

CL added, ôAt first, the stylist unni told me to do it. I was going to do it at first but I just couldnÆt get myself to go through with it. Seeing Dara unni cry, my heart was heavyà I was going to do it at first, but I was scared of looking too strong so I had nominated the pretty Dara unni.ö

She also shared that she has become used to it already, "My hair grows fast, so this is already the third time IÆve had to get it shaved. Now I donÆt have any lingering emotions about it.ö

Watch 2NE1's "I Love You" to see Dara's new hairstyle:

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What do you think of Dara's new hairstyle? Do you like it for her? Are the tears worth it for the new transformation? Comment below!



  • jeffreyvon28

    posted 5 years ago

    Hello MYX! Super Junior already released their new music video entitled "Sexy, Free & Single." Im sure many are dying to see it on MYX. Thank you.

  • byheenatic18

    posted 5 years ago

    Dara noona looks like Thunder here :)

  • jenz

    posted 5 years ago


  • Antonette15

    posted 5 years ago's hard because hair doesn't grew long like 1 cm a day!!!

  • hottestoreo

    posted 5 years ago

    we love you dara ...