"IT'S YOUR LIFE" MV By Somedaydream And Champ Feat. Luigi D'Avola OUT NOW! Be The First To Watch It Here!

Are you a little bit hard on yourself sometimes? Are there instances that you think you're not living life to the fullest?

Mecca Music gives us a collaboration of Champ, Somedaydream, and up and coming artist Luigi DÆAvola with their song "IT'S YOUR LIFE".

Turn up the bass and watch Somedaydream's latest collab with Champ and Luigi D'Avola below:

Stay tuned to MYX for its premiere and finally be able to vote for it on the charts!

Just type: It's Your Life - Somedaydream & Champ Feat. Luigi D'Avola on the Voting Box!

One vote per user per day only.

You can also vote through the MYX Charts App, available in Android and iOS.

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  • harranicks

    posted 5 years ago

    Local music for the win :))

  • harranicks

    posted 5 years ago

    Local Music for the win ?

  • dolipipipay

    posted 5 years ago

    Hey Daydreamer lang talaga magandang kanta ni SD. tsk.