Jaq Of Kiss Jane Goes Wet And... Mild?

Have you ever walked on a street during a rainy day and got drenched with water from a pot hole displaced by the wheels of a passing vehicle? If you're answer is yes, you are surely not alone!

  Jaq Dionisio, lead singer of the band Kiss Jane talked to us about the unfortunate incident involving her and our poor road conditions. And I think her situation was worse. Click the video below to find out out what happened and how she still managed to just laugh about it in the end.

So always be careful when commuting on flooded streets. Avoid being wiped out by a passing vehicle's "waves" or being sucked in an open manhole! It's always better to be safe than sorry.
Aside from being Kiss Jane's singer, Jaq has collaborated with Gloc-9 on the rapper's hit song "Elmer". It won Best Urban Video at the MYX Music Awards 2012. Keep logging in to for more fun features on YOUR fave OPM artists.

Ikaw, lumusong ka na ba sa baha?