K-Pop Vs. OPM: Callalily's KEAN CIPRIANO is a fan of K-Pop!

With 2NE1 as our #1 on the MYX Daily Top Ten and Callalily as the #2, the war is on 'cause this is definitely K-Pop vs. OPM!

A lot of Filipinos are going crazy over Korean pop groups nowadays and one strong proof is their invasion on our MYX charts. But the question is, is it really a threat to our own ORIGINAL FILIPINO MUSIC? 

Frontman KEAN CIPRIANO of Callalily, a strong contender for the MYX Daily Top Ten #2 spot, has an answer for this.

"Is it KEAN-Pop? No, just kidding."

"Hindi naman, hindi naman. I don't think sagabal. Hindi, hindi. It's good music. Koreans are good and Pop is always good. It's a good combination. Siguro kaya lang nasasabi lang na ganun kasi malakas sila eh, malakas talaga sila."

"The thing, eto yun eh, is pinapakinggan sila ng mga Pinoy yung K-pop. Pero kung sana lang na magandang mangyari is habang nakikinig sila ng K-Pop, cause we get our research from other countries, defintelity. Pero sana kahit sobrang suporta sila sa K-Pop, sana maging aware sila na Pinoy bands bands are good also, Pinoy artists are good. We have quality music so alam mo yun, hindi siya sagabal pero sana lang suportahan ng mas mabuti ng Pinoy yung mga quality na yun."

"We love K-Pop. I like K-Pop"

What do you guys think?Do you agree with Kean? Has K-pop affected our own OPM industry? Share your insights through our comment box below!

Watch our exclusive interview with Kean Cipriano below:



  • Julven Malones

    posted 4 years ago

    i love you kean......

  • Dimee

    posted 5 years ago

    Reality check! k-pop is more popular than OPM 'coz most of them are satan's puppets. It's a mind control. . . See, Filipinos don't understand Korean language but Filipino people are still fond of k-pop music kasi maganda sa pandining. Wake up! :)

  • maloudes

    posted 5 years ago

    I think Kean was right with his own opinion though I myself is a k-pop lover and always do support their music but its true as we Filipinos we should also learn how to support our own music as well as we support music from other countries.

  • Baby_Yoo

    posted 5 years ago

    WOAH! NahuLi ako sa news. :D
    Kean Likes KPOP too? AWESOME!
    Everyone wilL Like KPOP if they had interest on it.
    We (KPOP LOVERS) We Started at that right?
    No matter what Language is that. if the Song was Good.
    Just Enjoy it. It's just a Song. It Has no ProbLem on that! :D

  • IManneELF

    posted 5 years ago

    WAAAH! my comment isn't too late, right? hehe. I love both KPOP and OPM, actually, Callalista and ELF ako. another thing, hindi talaga sagabal ang KPOP kasi music naman lahat yan eh. hehe. iba lang sila ng nationality at genre. ^^