Chito Miranda: I'm A Dolphy Fan

Local band Parokya ni Edgar is known for their funny lyrics and wacky antics on stage. Making people rock out and laugh out loud through their songs and live performances has made them one of, if not THE most popular OPM band. 

Days after the passing of the Philippine's King of Comedy, stories of how he touched the lives of people from in and around show business still fill the TV networks and social networking sites. We asked Chito Miranda on how Dolphy touched his, being sort of a comedian/entertainer himself. 

In a message to, the Parokya ni Edgar singer recalls his childhood experiences as a fan of the late entertainment icon. "Nung mga bata pa kami ng mga kapatid ko, lagi kami nanunuod ng mga pelikula ni Dolphy kasama ng mga magulang namin," the singer said. "Tsaka syempre ng John and Marsha at yung Home Along da Riles," Miranda added.

Truly, Dolphy's legacy has crossed genres and generations. If laughter is the best medicine, Dolphy was the doctor who would prescribe it three times a day. 

Kayo, anong experiences ninyo kay Mang Pidol?