MYXph Asks: What's Your Worst Rainy Day Experience?

(Image courtesy of Zamora)

The weather has been pretty much unpredictable these past few days. We have seen days where it's like summer again. Then suddenly there seems to be a typhoon! Our weather bureau has been on the receiving end of complaints. Predicting the rains have been a very difficult task for them. 

The problem is, all of us are experiencing the effects of climate change. So better do your part in taking care of the environment, guys. All of us should stay informed as we all learned after Christopher Lao's own worst rainy day experience in 2011. Let's avoid being the next victim of a flooded street or worse... cyber bullying!

We got to ask three band vocalists their worst experience during a very strong downpour. First up is Soapdish frontman Jeff Bolivar telling us about his being stranded due to flooding for three days! 'Di yata marunong lumangoy 'tong si Jeff ,eh.

Next is Enzo Villegas of the band Eevee talking about rainy day car troubles during a date with a girlfriend. Basta driver, sweet lover talaga 'tong si Enzo!

Last but definitely not least is Sarkie Sarangay of Silent Sanctuary who celebrated his birthday during typhoon Ondoy! Happy BAHArthday, Sarkie?

Kayo, anong pinakamalupit na karanasan ninyo sa ulan?