MYXph Asks: "What's your dream job?"

Have you come across this quote circulating online?

These "words to live by" definitely caught our attention, receiving so many shares, likes or re-tweets. Obviously, most people still aspire for that one thing we think we were born to do. We continue searching for that "perfect" job that we've been wanting ever since graduating from college. We look for that one opportunity to pursue our passion. That way, it would't feel like working at all.

We'd think that a rock star would be THE ultimate dream job. Who would't want that rock and roll lifestyle, right? (hehehe) We asked Kamikazee's main man, Jay Contreras which job would he want if ever he wasn't the singer of one of the most famous bands in the Philippines. It turns out he wants an "environment friendly" occupation! Check out Jay's answer below.

Ikaw, anong dream job mo? Huwag mong sabihing maging bokalista ng Kamikazee! Leave a comment below.

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