KISS THE RAIN: Rainy Day Tips from Jaq of Kiss Jane. Is it raining where you are?

Here comes the rain again. Just when we thought we're going to experience fair weather all throughout the Metropolis today, it starts pouring. Here are some suggestions from Kiss Jane singer Jaq Dionisio to get by a rainy day.

Jaq Dionisio's Top 5 Rainy Day Tips:

1) Always bring an umbrella. It's still the top essential during the rainy season.

2) Vitamin C. Load up on vitamin C to prevent sickness brought by the ever-changing weather.

3) Stay home and watch your favorite TV series. For Jaq, it's a chance to catch up on her missed "Game of Thrones" episodes.

4) Just enjoy. Why let the thunder and lightning frighten you? Whether you like the wet season or not, learn to appreciate the two we have.

5) Have a rainy day drink. Another fun way to hang loose when it's raining is to have a cup of coffee, a glass of milk tea or in Jaq's case, a cold bottle of beer!

Check out our chat with Jaq below.