Somedaydream's "It's Your Life" Message Is "YOLO!"

Let's take a break from all that K-Pop and OPM war and listen to what this Filipino synthpop singer-songwriter has to say about his new song and video!

"Sa new music video namin, itÆs my collaboration with Champ and this new artist Luigi DÆAvola, itÆs called ôItÆs Your Life". The message is just giving everything, giving your best, living your life," Somedaydream Rez Toledo said in an exclusive interview with

If you've been tuning in to the tasks of our MYX VJ Search finalists, I am sure that you are familiar with the term "YOLO", an abbreviation for "You Only Live Once".

"YOLO! ThatÆs it. ItÆs a very simple song that we covered and the chorus goes ôItÆs your life, ItÆs your time.ö

How do you seize your day? Are you living your life? How? Comment below!

Watch our exclusive interview with Rez Toledo of Somedaydream below:

Turn up the bass and watch Somedaydream's latest collab with Champ and Luigi D'Avola:

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