K-Pop Vs. OPM: P-Pop group DOWN TO MARS Says "Kasama Ang K-Pop Sa Evolution Na Nagaganap!"

We've been hearing a lot from visitors about their insights on the invasion of K-Pop artists and it's good that we can read and learn from all your comments and views regarding the issue!!! So today, let's bring heat to this rainy day because we bring you once again another release of K-Pop vs. OPM!

2NE1 vs. Callalily? Super Junior vs. Slapshock? Bigbang vs. Kamikazee? Is this really what's happening right now?

With their extra-ordinary, high sense of fashion, one might initially think that this is one of those emerging K-Pop groups but they are all proud Filipinos with inter-Asian races. From interviewing Pinoy Rock bands on our past articles, let's now listen to the side of a group with K-Pop influences. 

We had the chance to talk to all-boy music group DOWN TO MARS and they said"While some people dispute the coming in of KPOP and Western music, ang tingin naman namin dyan ay kasama yan sa evolution na nagaganap."

"As artists, we wanted to recreate that experience not by copying but getting inspirations because in the bottom line music is still the language of our soul that can cross the boundaries of cultures and places, so to speak."

"OPM has been very vibrant and continue to come-up with diverse music. An evolution is also taking place in OPM music by finding way to adopt the transition of internet generation to Philippine culture. Music is a cultural expression then trends and modernity influence culture kaya OPM should never be in a nutshell..  it has to open to the world."

What do you guys think? Do you agree with Down To Mars? Has K-pop affected our own OPM industry? Share your insights through our comment box below! We want to hear more from you!

Here is their futuristic music video for "My Everything" featuring Marian Rivera:

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    posted 3 years ago

    ang k pop ay bago plang sa atin pag tumagal yan wla na yang kwenta sa ngayon kpop lang. sa ngayon ang patok pag tumagal k pop at p pop ang sisikat opm lng muna tayo dahil ang k pop kaya patok kasi astig sla pumorma hnd tulad ntin simple pero may talent hnd pa lng tayo nkikilala pagbigyan muna ntin sla pag tumagal sila ay mag kakarapadapa sa mga pilipino sisikat din tayo snong sang ayon sa akim


    posted 3 years ago

    annyong hashimnikka? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? ???? ????

  • dbsk-4ever

    posted 4 years ago

    dati maganda ang opm natin, pero ngayon puro revival nalang wala ng mga orig songs.. ano ba talaga nang yayari sa opm? tapos mag tataka tayo kung bakit patok sa atin ang KPOP.. ang kpop kasi new songs ang mga offer nila at bago sa panlasa ng pinoy.. ngayon may new opm songs nga tayo wa wenta naman meaning.. sana magbago na tayo ng style ibalik natin ioong astig na OPM.. mas masarap pang kantahin yung mga kanta nila APRIL BOY at JERIMIAH nung araw e... haiss!! CASSIES here. pero d best parin ang

  • Christalei

    posted 5 years ago

    "pwede maging inspiration ng OPM ang K-POP pero wag lng nila bakit ba may K-POP vs. OPM...dapat hnde na un itutuloy kase iba ang style nila saatin noh....~im an ELF~~ELF hwaiting!!!~:)))"

  • annaELFsmiles

    posted 5 years ago

    Libre nmn mg bgay ng opinion dba, kc para sakin opm is so much better than ppop . Hndi nmn sa against aq saknla its just that it doesnt have any originality.. Ppop will always be compared to kpop. Dpat ppop vs kpop yn kc nga iba ang opm!!!! Original sten un!!!!