Corrinne May Releases New Album. Check out our exclusive interview!

If you've never heard of Corrinne May, you better check out her music! She is a Singapore-born singer-songwriter who is now based in L.A. Often referred to as the Sarah McLachlan of Singapore, she studied songwriting and film scoring at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Corrinne has recorded five albums including her current one called "Crooked Lines" distibuted here in the country by Warner Music Philippines.

MYXph recently had the chance to talk to Corrinne in a phone interview. Here is an excerpt as she talks about motherhood, the new album, her most embarrassing moment and even giving us tips for the rainy day.

MYXph: Congrats on the new album!

Corrinne: Thank you so much.

MYXph: You're a mom right now. Congrats on that, too!

Corrinne: Oh, thank you!

MYXph: How do you handle motherhood and being an artist at the same time? 

Corrinne: The logistics of it sometimes are hard. Whenever I need to do a performance I would need someone to take care of Claire on my behalf. Sometimes when my husband is free he takes care of her. For example, when I was writing the songs for this record he would take care of her while I went to the coffee house yo write the songs. But now that we're back in Singapore, my Mom is around and my daughter and my Mom get along really well and mom is fantastic at taking care of my daughter. whenever I need to have some time to do stuff like today's interview, it's good to have family to help out. Definitely, I couldn't do oi all by myself.

MYXph: Speaking of the current album, where do you get your inspiration for the songs?

Corrinne: I get my inspiration from day to day activities I have gone through. A lot of times , for this new album, I think a lot of it was inspired by the past few years: coping with motherhood and learning how to care for someone else other than myself; learning about love; learning about sacrifice; how sacrifice is such an important part in loving someone and how the time that we have is so precious; especially since I see my baby changing so fast... I think that helps me appreciate life more and to reflect about my own life more, and in doing so, write the best songs that I can about what I've experienced.

MYXph: What is your most embarrassing experience?

Corrinne: There was one time when we were playing at a venue somewhere in Singapore, I think it was an outdoor theater and I think the power got cut off because there was a lightning storm or something happening in the vicinity. So I just had to carry on and play without the keyboard and without my band's music. And the microphone wasn't working too. So I was trying to crack some jokes to the audience and they were laughing as well at whatever they could hear off my jokes. It was a little embarrassing.

MYXph: Your songs have been featured on TV shows and films. Name your top 3 Hollywood films.

Corrinne: Shawshank Redemption. The other one that I thought was really cool was The Untouchables... and Avatar.

MYXph: You recently performed with Jason Mraz at the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Which look do you prefer, the "geek in the pink", or the "Jesus Christ with a guitar" look?

Corrinne: I definitely prefer the more clean-shaven look. His earlier look was better than his present look... For me personally , if i would choose any of his looks for him, I would go back to the clean-shaven look. 

MYXph: Can we ask for three rainy day tips.

Corrinne: Bring a good umbrella. Have a nice cup of tea if you're at home. Make sure you wear water-proof shoes.

MYXph: Are you planning to visit us here in the Philippines soon?

Corrinne: I would love to! If given the opportunity I would love to go the Philippines and sing for you guys.

MYXph: Any message to your Filipino fans?

Corrinne: Thank you so much for listening to my music. I hope to sing for you live someday soon!

Check out the rest of our chat with Corrinne May below.

Go out to your favorite record stores or go to iTunes and buy a copy of her latest album "Crooked Lines" from Warner Music Philippines. Check out her official website at Watch the lyric video for her latest single "Just What I Was Looking For" courtesy of YouTube below.