Slapshock's Jamir Garcia delivers his "State Of The OPM Nation"

President Noynoy Aquino delivered his State of the Nation address yesterday at the House of Representatives. It's Jamir Garcia's turn to talk to us about the current state of the Philippine music industry. If there's an election for OPM President, he definitely will be in the running with the sheer number of Pinoy "Rakistas"!

Jamir says it's hard to be an artist in the Philippines these days. "For me it's tougher because the physical sales of CDs doesn't exist anymore," Garcia says. 

He believes that there are also less venues to play, especially for their type of music. But he notes that the perseverance of local bands, plus the more established bands helping out the newbies, is crucial in maintaining a healthy OPM scene. 

Garcia also acknowledged the continued support of corporate sponsors. He says that musicians still get airplay on TV and radio but thinks social media is the way to go for artists to get their music out there... way out there. "Even abroad kaya ka na makita," says Jamir.  

The Slapshock frontman maintains his optimism for original Filipino music saying: "Para sa akin healthy siya. There's a bad thing and a good thing na nangyari. Another door closes, a new door will open. 'Yung internet it's a new door for the musician. Kahit di ka signed you can have 20 - 30,000 views on YouTube for your video."

Check out Jamir's "State of the OPM Nation address" below.

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