State of the OPM Nation by Mike Swift

The President delivered his third State of the Nation Address the other day. It was supposed to highlight PNoy's achievements since being elected to the country's top-most government position. The SONA is our leader's annual report regarding the Philippine's situation.

MYXph now tries to ask local musicians about their thoughts on the state of the Philippine music industry. In this article, we feature Pinoy hip hop artist Mike Swift. 

He starts off by emphasizing the impact of the internet. "The independent scene is growing. People are able to create their own community and market through viral (efforts) alone without the help of the (major labels)."  "(The industry is) not dying out but moving into the internet a lot more," he says. But Swift also notes that those who are aggressive in performing live shows and interact with their the fans are the "people that are able to survive".

As part of MYX 3on3's Red Team, Mike draws attention to the importance of the MYX channel in breaking barriers in the music scene. "Like MYX 3on3 everybody's here from different genres. I'm more from the hip-hop side of things. My teammate Jamir is from the legendary rock group of Slapshock. We're a team and try to win together. I think the approach in the music scene is trying to become like that," he says. "Let's unite and share and cross markets and support as much as we can when we can", Swift adds.

He brings us his insights on the local hip hop community saying: "I'm excited for what's to come because I see them coming in and I see people slowly starting to respect a genre that wasn't fully respected by the industry or by the masses in the way that we felt we should have been in a long time. But there's no place or no room to complain."

Towards the end of our conversation, we hear a glimmer of hope in his voice for the OPM scene.  "It's all love. It's all music... and I think that's the way to attract them. That's how I see it."

Check out our full interview with Mike Swift below.

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