Champ Says OPM Is Gonna Be Alright! What Do YOU Think?

Is OPM really dead? Music piracy, lack of corporate support and the decline of album sales are just some of the issues still confronting our struggling Pinoy musicians. MYXph wonders what home grown artist Champ Lui Pio thinks of the current state of our local music industry.
Champ notes that the contribution of the new breed of talents emerging in the scene is essential. "I think slowly, there's a new crop of musicians who are introducing a different flavor that the OPM scene hasn't seen before," he said. "That's good 'cause young people are stepping up and trying to contribute to the development and the uplifting of the scene," he added. 

Champ is hopeful that it won't be long before the Philippine music industry gets healthy again. "That's my belief as a musician and a manager," says the former Hale front man who currently handles the career of Somedaydream. "We're trying to spearhead the new breed of musicians who will... open the floodgates and hopefully everyone else will follow then everyone else will benefit," he said.

Check out our exclusive interview with Champ below.

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  • cik

    posted 5 years ago

    i'm sure that fighting song your so proud of by korean artist is a paid commissioned should get our government to pay a composer and some artist to write/perform one.

  • rocklinex

    posted 5 years ago

    wla na kasing magagandang opm songs ngaun eh!!...i'm not a fan of KPOP but i prefer the 80's/90's-early 00's foreign bands/artists....ska ung 90's-early 00's opm bands/artists...

  • cat_catmeow

    posted 5 years ago

    Ang mga OPM artists ba gumawa ng "fighting song" para sa athletes na sasabak sa Olympics??? Buti pa `yong ibang bansa, kahit sa kanta pinapakita `yong support nila para sa athletes.

  • cik

    posted 5 years ago

    hmm,e panu kung me itsura nga wala naman talent sa pagkanta o pagsulat ng kanta o kahit sa pag sayaw,tapos sila pa nag kaka album?pero yung mga ganun after 2 years kinakalimutan na din naman,kaya ok lang.dami sa pinas ganun.

  • lilys_112

    posted 5 years ago

    OPM is alright... The thing is, mas mabilis ang mata kaysa sa tainga. OPM artists doesn't have a good visual. Kung ico-compare sa international artists... Pero sabi nga music ang pinopromote. Bakit, hindi ba puwedeng maging pogi at maganda ang mga kumakanta at nasa banda? Kahit ano pang galing mo kumanta kung mukha ka naman snatcher sa kanto... Haha! Hindi naman masama kung iiimprove ang sarili. Part ng investment iyon.