Regine's Dad Undergoes Surgery

Regine Velasquez took to microblogging site Twitter today to report on her dad's condition. öMang Gerry had a minor surgery today, my mom said he is doing fine. Salamat sa mga dasal nyo,ö Regine said on Twitter.

The singer's father, Gerardo öMang Gerryö Velasquez is known to have trained Regine in singing ever since she was young. Asia's songbird said in earlier tweets that she is concerned about her father's weakening state.

öMang Gerry get well soon. My hero is getting old and weak, minsan may mga pagbabagong mahirap tanggapin. Pagaling ka. I love you, Papa,ö she said.

Regine even posted a picture of her new born son Nate and Mang Gerry.

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