Slapshock's Jamir Garcia Sets New Record!

It was an exciting game on MYX 3on3 as the Red Team's Jamir Garcia scored 50 points! So far the highest point total on the MYX 3on3 tourney, Garcia scored from all over the hard court. With teammates Mike Swift and Yael Yuzon (replacing PJ Lavina on the line-up) assisting and dumping him the ball, the Red Team won over the Green Team 64-56. 

"All of a sudden at half time I had 34 points, I'm like 'Oh, I could actually hit 40' but next thing you know, sill Chino (were shouting :) '50! 50!'. So I went for it!" the leading MVP candidate explained.

Check out the video below where the Slapshock front man talks about the game.

Tune in at 3:30PM TODAY and watch this record-breaking game! Keep voting for Slapshock's "Langit" on the MYX Daily Top 10.



  • delgado.mahal

    posted 5 years ago