Someone Got Lucky! 2NE1's DARA Gives A Lucky Fanboy A Kiss On The Cheek!

Photo credit: Allkpop

Someone got lucky last July 28th as 2NE1æs Dara gave a kiss on a fanboyÆs cheek during the groupÆs latest concert!

2NE1 is currently on their æNew Evolutionæ World tour and Seoul Olympic Park Gynmastics Stadium was their first stop.

When it was DaraÆs turn to perform solo, the singer suddenly announced to the crowed, ôIÆm known to have a fresh image, but IÆm actually a wild woman. For a sexy performance today, IÆm going to bring a male audience onto the stage.ö

With this, the male audience members got excited and started to wave their arms, hoping that they will be the chosen one. However, Dara said, ôIÆm being attracted to head towards area for today,ö and after scanning the crowd, the singer pointed at a foreign fan saying, ôIÆll pick that person. White t-shirt. Yes, you. Come onto the stage.ö

Dara began performing her 2009 hit single "Kiss" and gave the lucky guy a kiss on the cheek!

Source: Allkpop

Waaaaaahhhh! What can you say about this? Are you jealous of the guy or are you happy for him? Comment below!

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  • Antonettefaye

    posted 5 years ago

    Wow!!!so lucky....

  • Bhosz JP

    posted 5 years ago

    the guy is so lucky^_^

  • erocorn2ne1

    posted 5 years ago

    NIKON release the video of 2NE1 vacation here in PHILIPPINES (last february)~~ check this

  • licia

    posted 5 years ago

    vote for 2ne1 on myx. got to the homepage of myx, beside it you can see the poll. Let's Vote Blackjacks!!! :D

  • licia

    posted 5 years ago

    DARA so Gorgeous!!!