WOLFGANG At The Full Moon! "Sandata" Premieres on MYX Channel and Later at 11:59 PM!


The highly anticipated seventh album from Wolfgang rises on the horizon on Thursday, August 2nd, midnight, at the Full Moon.

, the first single from the album titled, ôAng Bagong Dugo sa Lumang Ugatö, premieres on radio and on MYX Music Channel at 11:59 pm, August 2.

ôAng Bagong Dugoö will be released in three parts, or ôKabanataö, in keeping with its theme -- the tale of our country as told through the saga of one familyÆs three generations. ôItÆs an æaudio-nobelaÆ,ö explains Ramon Legaspi, chief architect of the bandÆs most iconic Tagalog songs.  The album is written all in Filipino.

ôUnang Kabanataö features four songs, including ôSandataö, which the band has taken on the road and already built up a cult following for it. ôThe response has been amazing,ö said Basti Artadi, Wolfgang frontman. ôPeople rock out and mosh to it, even when theyÆve heard it for the first time.ö

The idea for the album was hatched on one of the bandÆs overseas trips. It brings together for the first time in over seven years, WolfgangÆs explosive powers when working together in one studio, in this case, Loudbox, produced by Manuel Legarda. Previous album ôVillainsö was created by file-sharing across three continents and introduced fans to the vital chemistry added by drummer Francis Aquino, dubbed as ôThe Beastö for his pounding, drum-smashing rhythms.

The mythical ôOuroborosö, the snake eating its own tail, is the symbol for the ôBagong Dugoö album series. Reservations for the ôUnang Kabanataö can be made through the Wolfgang hotlines, 0932.843.6811 / 0927.870.5637 / 0915.621.2189 now.

Watch "SANDATA" teaser below:

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  • dknight001

    posted 5 years ago

    walaaang kakupaskupas!!!!!!!!!!! napakalupet ng WOLFGANG

  • reyvills78

    posted 5 years ago

    maganda talaga ang sandata wolfgang from cdo

  • nessasalinas

    posted 5 years ago


  • nessasalinas

    posted 5 years ago

    hahaha! kulang lng sa pansin yan. hndi nyo yan kalevel. kase nga....ang bobo. :)) tawa naman ako. naiinis din pero.. walang magawa eh. ganyan talaga ang WALANG PINAG-ARALAN. anyway, GO WOLFGANG! Gonna wait for them. GO KUYA MANUEL! ? :DD

  • BRRRyan!

    posted 5 years ago

    kaya ayaw na ayaw ko na sa myx at mga putanginang radio stations na yan. dahil sa kagaya ng mga ulupong na tulad nung isa. mia sana balang araw pagkagising mo magising ka na sa katangahan. oo nirerespeto ko ung trip mo na kanta. wala kong pakealam kung gusto mo yon. buhay mo yan eh. pero sana irespeto mo den ang trip namen. respect eqauls respect! supportahan mo naman muna ung kababayan mo bago ung ibang lahi. wtf!