Kid Punk Group ABSOLUTE PLAY, Here To Bring Good Vibes, Good Values And Huge Doses Of Fun!


What were you doing when you were 11 years old? Solving division and multiplication problems? Reading Charlie And The Chocolate Factory?

Well, you might be surprised but this group is definitely a bunch of extraordinary teenagers!

Absolute Play
û a young, fresh, raw, indie-band composed of Murielle, 11 years old on lead vocals and keyboards Alto, 13 on lead guitar, and Mato, 16 on drums and is the chief songwriter of the pack. They play honest to goodness kid-punk music sprinkled with huge doses of fun, good vibes, and good values.
Absolute play formed in the summer of 2010 has already released three singles and music videos --ôBeautiful Starö, ôHere Goes The Showö, and their latest single ôMy Old Palö.   In between school and homeworks, Absolute Play has managed to squeeze-in playing live gigs at various schools like the UP Fair, Mirriam College;  music festivals like æMusicians On FireÆ held at the Amoranto Stadium, and currently, they provide weekend live music entertainment at the Enchanted Kingdom.
No wonder, these kids have created a buzz in social media sites, garnering a whopping 24,000+ and growing fans on Facebook!

And guess what they did this summer? This ôkid punkö group, Absolute Play, has just returned from their UK tour. These youngsters were invited to perform in a 200 year old pub called Queens Arm Pub located in Barrow, Cumbria, England.  This  marks their first ever international performance of 5 songs from their album.  It was a Tuesday jamming night together  with other local British musicians, last April 24, 2012. Mr. David Marcus introduced the band to a crowd of all-British nationals.  Aside from showcasing their music, Absolute Play also took this as an opportunity to promote their advocacy in their "Kids Helping Kids" campaign, for the benefit of the Little Hands Foundation. 

Absolute PlayÆs 5 songs EP is now released online at, and in CD formats available at leading record stores.  Their self-titled 5-track EP contains their three singles plus 2 more all-original songs their budding songwriting talent and musicality.  

Absolute Play is not only about spreading music and fun.  TheyÆre out to help street children through their music with ôKids Helping Kidsö campaign. They have tied up with the ôLittle Hands Foundationö, a group that focuses on education and values teaching. They conduct feeding programs and Christian studies, encouraging children to attend school. Proceeds from concerts and album sales will also start a scholarship program.

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