WOLFGANG on MYX LIVE TONIGHT @ 9PM! Are YOU excited to see their "Sandata"?

Rakistas are in for a treat because Wolfgang is on the MYX Live stage again tonight at 9PM! As the monsoon rains hit Metro Manila, this awesome foursome performs their classic tracks, and their new arsenal of hard rock hits. Catch host Jett Pangan as he updates us with what's happening with this electrifying band. 

Going out tonight during the storm is risky. Be safe and just stay home. Watch Wolfgang on MYX Live on the MYX channel at 9PM.
Click here to view behind-the-scenes photos. Check out our exclusive video below where the members reveal their guilty pleasures!

Be one of the first to watch their brand new music video "Sandata" on the MYX channel TOMORROW, August 2, right before midnight! Watch the teaser below.

After its premiere, you can start voting for the song here on!

Just type: Sandata - Wolfgang on the Voting Box!

You can also vote through the MYX Charts App, available in Android and iOS.

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    posted 5 years ago

    lapit na..

  • johanna aira

    posted 5 years ago

    cute u <3