ARTICLE Releases WOLFGANG's "Sandata" Full Music Video! Watch It Here!

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and unleash ôSandataö, the first single from the album titled, ôAng Bagong Dugo sa Lumang Ugatö!

ôAng Bagong Dugoö will be released in three parts, or ôKabanataö, in keeping with its theme -- the tale of our country as told through the saga of one familyÆs three generations. ôItÆs an æaudio-nobelaÆ,ö explains Ramon Legaspi, chief architect of the bandÆs most iconic Tagalog songs.  The album is written all in Filipino.

ôUnang Kabanataö features four songs, including ôSandataö, which the band has taken on the road and already built up a cult following for it. ôThe response has been amazing,ö said Basti Artadi, Wolfgang frontman. ôPeople rock out and mosh to it, even when theyÆve heard it for the first time.ö

The mythical ôOuroborosö, the snake eating its own tail, is the symbol for the ôBagong Dugoö album series. Reservations for the ôUnang Kabanataö can be made through the Wolfgang hotlines, 0932.843.6811 / 0927.870.5637 / 0915.621.2189 now.


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  • john gray

    posted 5 years ago

    sana ka boses kita,

  • dutdutanetshop

    posted 5 years ago

    astig tlga ng bagsakan ng wolfgang!
    basti isa ka tlgang icon sa opm rock music....

  • deth06

    posted 5 years ago



  • andromeda32

    posted 5 years ago

    Love the whole concept of the video and the album(s) as a whole. Cannot wait for Wolfgang's next two releases! I think it is absolutely ingenious of them to cut the album in parts and release it separately. Truly fans can always expect something out of ordinary from these guys which makes it all the more exciting and interesting for us who have been following them for quite some time! Glad the torch bearers of Philippine rock is back and killing it!

  • john_trex

    posted 5 years ago

    lupet! walang kupas!\m/