Keyboardist Ronnie Dizon Dies At Age 36

(Image courtesy of Jerico Placido)

It's a sad day for OPM as another Pinoy musician leaves us. Keyboardist/arranger Ronnie Dizon died at the age of 36 last night. According to a post on the Facebook page of The Ronnies (Dizon's 80s hits cover band), he "passed away in his sleep last night. Official cause of death was respiratory arrest." 
(Image from Ney's Official Facebook page)

Dizon is well known in the music industry for his countless session works and has been a member of bands like Blue Ketchup, The Ronnies, keytar band Ronin and Ney Dimaculangan's solo project. 

In a text message sent to us by Ney, the singer says: "Ronnie is one of the most hard-working musicians around, a man who truly loves music. He is... a brother, a friend, a bandmate and a true person that really inspired us all. From now on every gig won't be the same but we'll always hear your melodies playing in our hearts. We love you Ronnie."

We send out our sincerest condolences to Ronnie's friends and family. His remains lie in state at the Chapel E of Arlington Memorial. 

Rest in peace, Ronnie. 

Thank you for your music. 

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  • Fropower

    posted 5 years ago

    RIP sir ron :|