MYX premieres Pedicab's "Otomatik" at 8PM!

MYX gives you another exclusive! OPM band Pedicab's latest music video will be seen for the very first time on the MYX channel TONIGHT! Inspired by photo application "Instagram", the music video was shot entirely in Vietnam.

  The video for "Otomatik", which is their latest from their EP "Kaya Mo Mag-Sando", will be shown on MYX Premiere at 8PM.

Check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from their video shoot here.

"Otomatik" na dapat ang mga TV ninyo sa MYX mamayang Alas-Otso!

After its premiere, you can start voting for the song here on!

Just type: Pedicab - Otomatik on the Voting Box!

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