K-Pop Vs. OPM: Asia's Acoustic Sweetheart SABRINA Says You Can Love Both Genres At The Same Time!

With over 10 days on charts, K-pop groups Super Junior and 2NE1 are still strongly competing for the #1 position against OPM great acts like Parokya Ni Edgar, Gloc 9, Julie Ann San Jose and Quest. We've been hearing a lot from visitors about their insights on the invasion of K-Pop artists and it's good that we can read and learn from all your comments and views regarding the issue!!!

If you will be given the power to choose only one, who will you vote for? An artist from your own country or an artist from a foreign land? It's a battle between K-Pop and OPM so is here to give you the different views and opinions of your favorite artists!

We are fortunate enough to be given the chance to talk to Asia's Acoustic SABRINA, a singer/guitarist who has been in the industry for 5 years now, and has been recording songs for a combined 7 years. For an artist who has performed and embraced different kinds of genres throughout the years, she is the perfect person to ask regarding the issue.

"May era talaga na puro imported music yung tinatangkilik dito sa Philippines pero nakita kong unti-onting tumataas yung mga OPM sa charts like sa MYX Daily Top Ten, puro OPM na. I'm so happy for OPM,"
she shared.

"I have nothing against K-Pop. I love them. Sobrang cute kasi nila."

And if there's one K-Pop group that she loves the most, she revealed that it's "GIRLS GENERATION," "Sobrang ganda nila, sexy. And yung voice nila maganda rin talaga. Yung song nila "The Boys", nagulat ako na 'Can a K-pop do this?'"


"Pwede kasi actually para sa akin, ang pakikinig sa music, depende sa mood. Believe it or not, I listen to Fall Out Boy."

She shared that even though she plays acoustic love songs, she also listens to OPM rock bands like "Kamikazee, then actually I love Parokya Ni Edgar and syempre Eraserheads pag medyo chill trip, Rivermaya, Fall Out Boy depende sa mood."

What do you guys think? Do you agree with Sabrina? Has K-pop affected our own OPM industry? Share your insights through our comment box below!

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  • lovingheem3

    posted 5 years ago

    SUPER JUNIOR HWAITING~ (I hope EXO will be in MYX too.)

  • snsdfonci

    posted 5 years ago


  • saranghae super junior

    posted 5 years ago

    lagi na lang nagkaka issue pag kpop ang No.1 ..

    bat di na lang tanggapin na mas angat talaga ang kpop? ^_^V

  • isabELF16

    posted 5 years ago

    go super junior !!! fighting !!

    sihae in manila on aug 15 !! :)))

  • tbarjaa

    posted 5 years ago

    hehehe parang fan na ako ni SABRINA xD since fan pla sya ng K-POP lolZ....meron nga nman na mga issue kpag k-pop ang number 1...ako V.I.P. at SHAWOL ^^ pero maganda nman ang OMP..lalo na kpag Parokya Ni Edgar