Snow Patrol Excited To Play Tomorrow's Concert! MYXph asks: What's YOUR favorite Snow Patrol song?

The torrential rains won't stop Irish/Scotish alternative band Snow Patrol from performing in their first-ever concert in Manila. Catch them tomorrow night at the Araneta Coliseum as the play their hits like "Signal Fire", "Just Say Yes" and "Chasing Cars". Manila is their second to the last stop as they tour their current album "Fallen Empires".
Check out our exclusive interview with bassist Paul Wilson as he talks to us about the album cover, vocalist Guy's dancing, his fave Star Wars character and what we can expect from the concert tomorrow.

MYXph: How did you come up with the album cover?

Paul: The album cover was basically a photograph we've taken in the studio that was called Eagle's Watch. It wasn't a studio, it was actually a house we rented... there's this huge eagle outside and the sun was setting and we took a photograph but it wasn't a good enough photograph to use for the album cover so we needed someone to paint it that's why it looks like that.

MYXph: Your last few video featured a lot of dancing, is it a hidden talent of you guys?

Paul: It was kind of a joke in the video because Gary can't dance so it was kinda ironic that he was doing that. But the music in this album, there's a lot more electronic and dance influence so we thought we should do a few videos of choreographs.

MYXph: Back in 2006 you injured your left arm and you where forced to cancel some of your tour dates. What exactly happened to your arm?

Paul: There's quite a few things that's happened to my arm. One time I got carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis in my arm, and then another time I broke my elbow and then I put a full cast on it. Actually a month ago I broke my wrist. All in the same arm so yeah.. bad luck!

MYXph: Which bands or artists do you listen to?

Paul: The thing is I listen to so much music. I mean I got over 20,000 songs in my iTunes. I kinda listen to one song and another song and another song... I've been listening to "Little Dragons" album.

MYXph: What's the last song you downloaded?

Paul: Last song I downloaded... I have to check.Oh you know it was actually , it was Don Henley's "Boys of Summer"... I really like that song!

MYXph: Your song "Signal Fire" has been featured in Spiderman 3. Which do you prefer, being a rockstar or a superhero?

Paul: A rockstar because you can have bad buddies coming to kill you all the time. I think it's quite a tough life 'cause you are always by yourself. You're not allowed to tell anyone you're a superhero, you know... I think it'd be tough you don't have a very long life, you know you get killed quite easily.

MYXph: Speaking of superheroes , I've read you're a big Star Wars fan. Which Star Wars character would you be?

Paul: Boba Fete because he can fly with his jet pack

MYXph: Have you heard anything about our country, the Philippines?

Paul: No not really. To be honest , it's the first time we're gonna be in the Philippines. So we're really excited. I have to do my research before I go.

MYXph: What can your fans expect here in your concert? Can we expect any dancing?

Paul: No. Hopefully not! We're gonna be playing a lot of the old stuff, more well-known songs and then songs in the new album. It's a bit more rock and roll live as well so people will get to hear the songs live.

MYXph: Do you have any message to your Filipino fans? You're quite big here.

Paul: I know! We've had so many messages on Twitter and Facebook from people to come to the Philippines. We just apologize that we haven't been there so far. We're really looking forward to coming and maybe meeting some of the people that (have) been messaging.

MYXph: Invite them to come over to the Araneta Coliseum.

Paul: Come over! You don't know when the next time we're gonna be there. It might be a one opportunity.

MYXph: It might be once in  a lifetime opportunity , you're right! That's about it. Thank you very much.

Paul: All right. Thank you!

MYXph: See you in Manila!

Excited to see Snow Patrol? Go out, buy your tickets and watch the band play live tomorrow at the Araneta Coliseum! 

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What's your favorite Snow Patrol song?



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