Flooded Out Kean Cipriano Sends Message Of Support Through Video

Callalily vocalist, Kean Cipriano, made a video message from his own home as he is also stranded with his family in Pasig. But instead of being defeated and helpless, he took time to shoot and express his support and also share his situation from their flooded area.

"Sa mga nasalanta, nakikiramay ako," Kean said with a heavy heart as he can only do so much in his current state. Though he has been very active on Twitter, retweeting information essential to those in need.

"Kung anuman ang magagawa ko para makatulong ako, gagawin ko. I-tweet nyo ko o anuman. Pero sigurado ako kapag naka-escape ako dito, kapag na-i-likas ko na yung pamilya ko dito sa village namin...gagawin ko ang lahat para makatulong sa inyo." He's tagging along the entire Callalily team and his friends from other bands and start a drive to extend a hand. 

Kean asks everyone to pray and have faith that we can all surpass this and promises to start working as soon as he's safe from the floods.

Watch the video below for Kean's full video message:

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  • IAMChained

    posted 5 years ago

    The fact na affected si Kean nung kalamidad..He is still ready to lend a helping hand to those calamity victims. I do salute you Kean Cipriano.IDOL!

  • text0111

    posted 5 years ago

    Kami rin binaha kahapon lubog 1st floor.. :) pero wla na ngayon. Thankyou kay God.

  • YuriTakagi

    posted 5 years ago

    This is one of the reason why Kean is my idol.. He really has a good heart.