RIHANNA Wants To Live With Chris Brown!

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Will love be sweeter the second time around?

"Rihanna is convinced it'll work this time. She and Chris had two intense days on that yacht (in France) and talked properly for the first time in years," a source told Look magazine. The stars split after the incident in 2009 but it was reported that both singers have been growing close again recently. "Rihanna's asked Chris a million time before to break up with his girlfriend, but this time she believes he will do it."

"She wants him to live with her in LA once he sells his house, which is on the market at the moment."

According to a source, Rihanna has also decided to tell her family that she wants to try it out again with Chris Brown!

WOAH! Is this a good decision for Rihanna after all that happened? Comment below!

Source: Belfast Telegraph



  • akosiACE

    posted 5 years ago

    It's a stupid decision. Totally.