Wonder Girls Tour Asia Starting September! Do YOU want them to visit the Philippines?

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Looks like Asia will be getting a once-a-month dose of The Wonder Girls! The K-Pop girl group behind the infectious "Nobody" song, which was a phenomenal hit three years ago, is set to embark on an Asian tour starting next month. 

According to the website, the tour starts on September 8 in Singapore. Malaysia will be the girls' second stop on October 13. They will then perform in Indonesia on November 3. They are also planning to visit Thailand and Vietnam but the dates are yet to be determined. 

The members of the all-girl group are excited to perform and showcase K-Pop to their neighboring countries. ôEvery performance is unique, and we will work hard to create a memorable show,ö they said. The group is set to alter some of their performances realizing the cultural differences across countries.  ôWe are planning the performances with the utmost respect and understanding for the cultures of each Asian country, and accommodating each show accordingly. Through our meticulous planning, Wonder Girls will be able to properly display their girl group appeals,ö stated their management company JYP Entertainment. 

Unfortunately for Pinoy Wonder Girls fans, there is no word yet if the Philippines will be part of this tour. 

Do YOU want the Wonder Girls to make a stop over here in the Philippines? Leave a comment below.



  • ivy1127

    posted 5 years ago

    Parang AWA niyo na. :DD Kahit showcase lang, tuwang tuwa na ako.

  • CubezMae

    posted 5 years ago

    Wonder Girls pnta kau dito !!! :))

  • lee_mela

    posted 5 years ago


  • MeikharCoo

    posted 5 years ago

    I ? Wonder Girls. Sila ang pinakapaborito kong k-pop girl group. Hope mkapunta sila dito sa Pinas.. Maraming mga Wonderful ang sasalubong sa kanila :)


    posted 5 years ago

    sana pumunta sila...