"What Makes You Beautiful" 1D Cover By WE START PARTYS: 'Better Than Any Other Covers Out There'

One Directioners, you might want to lend your ears to this upcoming dance/pop band from Bristol! had the chance to talk to this fun-packed four-piece band WE START PARTYS and we got to know more about their vision and mission as an all-male group, "We all came from different bands with different styles with the idea of creating a band that would be the sound track to any party!"

5 months ago, the band released an acoustic cover of the One Direction mega-hit "What Makes You Beautiful" and the members shared to us that the main reason for it is to guide people that POP was the direction they wanted to take musically, "It had been our plan all along to ensure that, before the release of "Down Like That", Pop was the direction we wanted to take the band. After hearing the first recordings of "Down Like That", we loved the track, but knew a lot of our old fans would find it very different and daunting compared to our older songs." adding "So we decided to put out an acoustic cover of a good Pop track, with the new photo's and look/style, to show people our new direction (no pun intended!) before our single was released."

The band also shared to us that the cover paved the way for greater things as more and more people embraced the sound that they wanted to deliver, "It worked great! People were surprised we took that move, but loved the result. The recording came out great, even if it was just recorded in my bedroom, and people were surprised about what we can actually do vocally as a band."

"The One Direction fans seemed to of loved it. Lots of their fan groups thought it was better than any other covers out there, which is great!"

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Listen to We Start Partys' acoustic version of What Makes You Beautiful:



  • tine2

    posted 5 years ago



    posted 5 years ago

    nice cover": i hope there some more

  • AbbyPacada

    posted 5 years ago

    i like it but not as good as the original.. i'm still gonna stick to the original

  • thricia veneracion

    posted 5 years ago

    yeah ! it's great but still a directioner :))