Khalil Ramos Releases Debut Album!

Primetime TV teen sensation Khalil Ramos recently launched his highly anticipated self-titled debut album which he lovingly dedicates to his fans who have supported him since he joined ôPilipinas Got Talent Season 3ö last year until now that he is popularly known as one of Kathryn BernardoÆs æprincesÆ in the top-rating drama series of ABS-CBN, ôPrincess and I.ö
ôI owe this significant milestone to my fans who backed me up from the very start of my career. If not for them, this album wouldnÆt be possible,ö said Khalil. öI am really happy that I have already achieved one of my dreams and I want to share this moment with all my supporters.ö
In his first-ever album, the 16-year-old actor-singer showcases his unique flair for alternative rock and ballad. ôIÆm quite positive that music lovers will appreciate it since itÆs something new plus we donÆt have much alternative rock and ballad artists here in the Philippines. My covers here are far different from its original versions,ö shared Khalil.
According to the teen heartthrob, he was hands-on in putting up his debut album. ôBecause itÆs my first, of course, it had to be great. Everything about it, especially the tracks, were all well thought of,ö he said. ôConsidering the fans, we decided to include ôKung Ako Ba Siyaö and ôNow We're Togetherö for æPrincess and IÆ avid viewers and ôI DonÆt Wanna Miss A Thingö for those who supported me in æPGT.ö
Now that he is not only an actor but also a full-fledged singer, Khalil shared how he loves doing both. ôFor me, acting and singing are really similar. Because when I sing, I also act since I have to make the audience feel my songs,ö he confessed. ôIÆm so happy that IÆm given the opportunity to do both but if ever I will be asked to choose, IÆll stick with my first love which is singing.ö
Check out our MYXph EXCLUSIVE video below where Khalil reveals his top 3 most favorite songs!



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