"We're all born HEROES!" >Ely Buendia. Name one simple act of heroism YOU can do.

 On the day we commemorate those who have given their lives for our Motherland, MYXph continues to define the concept of what a hero should be according to our local music idols.

We got to ask Pupil front man Ely Buendia what he thinks molds an ordinary Filipino into the hero that he can be.

  "I think a hero should have passion; passion to do something good or something that will make a difference in his life and the lives of others. Lahat tayong mga Pinoy mayroon tayong passion sa atin. Kumbaga we're all born heroes. We just need to reclaim that passion and believe in our people."

The OPM rock icon also mentioned Ninoy as his top hero of choice. "Personally I've always admired the late Senator Benigno Aquino. I think he's a hero in the truest sense of the word."

Check out our MYXph exclusive video below. 

What are the simple things YOU can do to be a HERO to your country?



  • ninjaanatomy

    posted 5 years ago

    love this vid...

  • bobbykid

    posted 5 years ago

    my hero ....1994 ateneo de davao concert.......

  • YuriTakagi

    posted 5 years ago

    Si Ely Buendia nalang hero ko. Haha!