RJ Jacinto talks about his encounter with a National HERO! Sino ang paborito mong bayani at bakit?

Pinoy Rock & Roll's Ramon "RJ" Jacinto recently launched his "RJ Duets" album which is a 2-CD compilation of his collaborations with local and foreign artists. We got to talk to the music icon during the launch to find out his views on what qualities should a hero have and were surprised to know that he has had a close encounter with one of our National Heroes.

"Qualities ng isang bayani ay ang taong willing to sacrifice everything for his country irregardless of money, power; Sacrifice for the country and the future of his children in this country." 

When asked about who his personal hero was, the legendary musician quickly replied that it's the late Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino.

"Kasama ko yun sa exile. (Na)-exile kaming dalawa sa Amerika. Si Ninoy Aquino ay napaka-ordinaryong tao; napaka-bait; napaka-sayang kasama; Even when he knew he was alone sometimes, he still fought for what he thought was right for the future of our country."

Click the video below to view our chat with RJ Jacinto.

Sino sa mga bayani natin ang paborito mo at bakit?