Catch Matteo Guidicelli on Take 5 at 5PM TODAY on the MYX channel! MYXph asks: How does music help YOU?

Matteo Guidicelli delivers 5 consecutive videos from 1 awesome artist today on Take 5. MYXph got to ask our MYX Celebrity VJ for August if he is indeed a music lover. 

"I love music. Music helps me in every way. When I train in my triathlon, when I'm just relaxing at home, I just listen to different kinds of music, and it motivates me. Music just pushes and motivates you, gives you inspiration all the time. In those days na parang tamad ka, wala kang ginagawa sa bahay, you want inspiration. You want something to do. You listen to a song. It boosts you up."

Check out our MYXph exclusive video below.