Get A Sneak Peek of The Script's New Album "#3"!

After the release of 2008 self-titled debut and 2010Æs Science & Faith, both of which topped the UK album charts, Irish rock band THE SCRIPT is here to present their upcoming, third studio album, #3!

Among the tracks on the album is Hall Of Fame û their collaboration with and the chosen debut single from the collection.

ôWe wanted to capture as much emotion in the trackÆs sound as there is in the lyrics, which are definitely some of the most positive and upbeat weÆve ever written.ö Guitarist Mark Sheehan said.

HereÆs an exclusive clip from The Sun of the the members of The Script delivering a track-by-track rundown of the new album:

Are you a The Script fan? Are you excited to get a copy of the new album? COMMENT BELOW!

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  • chubbilitobetchay

    posted 5 years ago

    well. . i will be happy if i can have a cd of them . .i love their song very much . . i love their song "Break Even" in their album "the Script". i'm a follower of them . .gb to their next album . ;)