EXCLUSIVE: Alanis Morissette Bares Her Soul In Her "Havoc And Bright Lights" Webisodes

Alanis Morissette has found new light in her new album, "Havoc and Bright Lights" taking her new perspective to her music, sharing her spirituality and her renewed passion for life in these series of webisodes EXCLUSIVE on

And in line with her new album, these snippets of her life are on MYX Philippines' official website! We're giving you a tour for Alanis' inspirations about the new album and her life as a mother, wife and as a musician. 

ôThis record, as always, is a snapshot of what I currently obsess about, care about, and what strikes me at 4 in the morning in my most introspective moments,ö says Morissette. ôIt is my emotional, psychological, social and philosophical commentary through song. I can't wait to share it with this fun and funny planet, and to tour, and can't WAIT to have the lively, engaging and challenging conversations that these songs may invite.ö

The first video talks about Alanis' view on our each individuals connection with each other and how this can change on how we can live our lives while she will take you through her home by sharing her spiritual practices that gets her through each day. More of those when you watch the episodes below!

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For more of Alanis' comeback album, check out this video of her performing Green Day's hit, "Basket Case" with a mellow twist! Watch it below!