MYX Premieres New Music Video By CALLALILY Tonight @ 9PM!

the boys of Callalily are at it again! Be the first ones to see their latest music video for their brand new song "Pasasalamat"! Tune in to the MYX channel TONIGHT at exactly 9PM. After viewing it, you know the drill, guys! Start voting for the music video on the MYX front door by typing in Pasasalamat - Callalily.

 "Pasasalamat" is the lead single from Callalily's "Flower Power" album. Watch Lem, Tatsi, Aaron and Kean perform live at the Eastwood Central Plaza on October 12, Friday as they unleash their "Flower Power".

Click here for exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the "Pasasalamat" music video shoot. 

Take a sneak peak via the teaser below.

Callalistas! Are YOU raring to see the new music video "Pasasalamat"? Leave a comment below.



  • xandra

    posted 5 years ago

    keep it up! We should vote for this.:D

  • maukulet

    posted 5 years ago

    you rock..saranghe Kean<3<3<3


    posted 5 years ago

    solid men ....callalily rock ...!i love you kean :*

  • msEysantiago

    posted 5 years ago

    supah nice....

  • Cathe'

    posted 5 years ago

    6 Years Nakami ng Boyfriend ko. At 6 Years nakaming CALLALISTA! Simula STARS-PASASALAMAT! (06-12) Go! Kean & the Rest of CALLALILY! Vote po natin lagi Para Mag #1..(^^,=)