MYX VJ Michelle Comes Face To Face With Tuesday Vargas!

MYX VJ Michelle Ng has finally met her match! Well... sort of. This happened when we made her view our MYXph footage of comedienne Tuesday Vargas doing an impression of her. Since a lot of people have been noticing the resemblance between the two, we decided to have them meet face to face... at least virtually.

"I'm quite shocked... but very honored... but i don't think that's the way I host eh!," said VJ Michelle right after she saw her "look-a-like" on video. Amused and flattered, VJ Michelle later thanked the actress and Top Junk singer for doing it. Click the video below for VJ Michelle's blog.

What can YOU say? Do they really look like they seemed separated at birth?



  • NamYar_021 XD

    posted 5 years ago

    Magkamukha Nga Sila XD<3 ! Hahahha :D