JAMES MORRISON Will Give You Something To Remember TONIGHT At The Big Dome!

Just a few hours to go before James Morrison brings out his guitar to serenade Manila with his collection of heart-warming hits at the Big Dome tonight!

The British singer-songwriter finally visits the country and perform for the Filipino fans who were instantly captured by his songs, especially his voice that got women swooning over. Having no idea what the Philippines will be like, James is hyped up to give a show everyone will remember. 

Before he even came here to Manila, already had an exclusive interview with James and was very gracious to answer our questions through video. Given his songs stirs up romantic feelings, James admits to not being romantic at all (His long time girlfriend can even attest to that he said). His songs spawn from his different experiences about life and love but not limited to his love life, avoiding being the stereotypical Casanova with flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears. 

"Romance to me is just showing that you care about someone whenever it's a little thing or a big thing, it doesn't really matter. When it counts, show other people you care and that's being romantic to me," says James. He's just thankful that people regard his songs as the soundtrack of their romantic lives.

They say experience is the best teacher but for James Morrison it's one of the best inspirations especially when it comes to songwriting. His early works are about his first experience of being in love but it matured to something deeper like a friend troubled with drug addiction, his family or simply things he wanted to say whether it's real or not. 

Thanks to James Morrison's inspirations to create beautiful music, we are also inspired to live our lives through his songs, one for each moment in our lives. And now it's time to experience his music LIVE at the Araneta Coliseum TONIGHT!

Check out some of the highlights from the James Morrison show on and MYX News on Saturday 5:30 PM on MYX TV!

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