JUSTIN BIEBER's Alleged Naked Photo and Personal Videos Leaked!

Looks like Justin's stolen computer and camera indeed have "personal" photos and footage in it and it was allegedly leaked by the culprit!

According to E!Online, a user on Twitter with the handle @gexwy  has posted a photo of a naked young man's torso up to the lower extremities that shows a bird tattoo on the hip same as Justin's. Beliebers are flaring up, defending their idol, claiming that the person on the photo isn't him; even comparing the his belly button and nipples to the one on the picture and the hip tat is Photoshopped. Plus, they are insisting that the photo has already surfaced even before the issue came up. 

The photo has now been taken down but videos were posted too. The first shows him and his tour crew pulling a prank at the backstage of a show. The second one has a younger Bieber fascinated by the cheering of his fans. The latest so far was a video given to Perez Hilton with the teen star having fun at a pool party with some other people in swimsuits. 

@gexwy is threatening Justin Bieber that he will release another video from the said pool party at noon, US time, that is allegedly more scandalous than the first few videos released. Justin seems to be unaffected by the threats and even replied to his detractor bravely:

The unknown user's last tweet read: "TOMORROW PUNK! @justinbieber" giving the teen star a reminder of his big reveal. Justin also tweeted the word: "noon" to his followers but some of his fans are partial if the tweet was related to the video leak or a wild guess about a surprise from Justin regarding the music video for "Beauty and the Beat" featuring Nicki Minaj.

WHAT A WEEK FOR JUSTIN BIEBER! Do you think the one on the naked photo was really him? What do you think this @gexwy will release next? What is your say about this issue? We want to hear from you! Comment below!



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    you guys vote Justin Bieber Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj !! in myx and watch this!!

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    @Sophia7498 I sooo agree. My babieee is just tooo funny.

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    Justin is such a prankster! XD