Another Filipina To Showcase Singing Prowess On The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

Ellen DeGeneres is very fond of the Filipino talent that she's flying one of our newest YouTube sensations to her show for a showcase on Friday (Saturday Manila time).

Remember the video of a random girl belting out with a videoke microphone in a local mall? "Random Girl" is Zendee Rose Tenerefe, first discovered when a random passerby captured a video of her singing "And I Am Telling You" flawlessly in a mall kiosk.

Since then, she had TV guestings, interviews, and more. She recently bagged a record deal under Warner Music Philippines and opened for Wilson Phillips during their show in Manila this October.

Now, she's flying to California for a guesting on the Ellen DeGeneres show together with Academy Award winner Halle Berry. Zendee's guesting is now scheduled as posted on Ellen's official website,

Ellen DeGeneres has invited other talented Filipino singers on her show like Rhap Salazar and Charice. She is also instrumental in propelling the career of Charice to international stardom. 

"Random Girl" is not so random anymore! This might be Zendee's big break, another one we can surely be proud of! What do you think of this opportunity? Comment below!